Water Fluoridation needs to be a Choice.

Update Jan 21, 2011.  Congratulations, Waterloo.  By a narrow margin, the residents of Waterloo voted to discontinue artificial fluoridation in our city.  The supply was turned off in December, 2010, giving all individuals a choice in whether they want regulated doses of fluoride in their lives.  Thanks to the City of Waterloo for listening!    …B

Each person needs to be able to choose whether or not they want Fluoride in their life.   Fluoride is not an essential nutrient and it is toxic to infants and many other individuals.  I think that most people support a toxin-free environment.

Waterloo’s water is artificially fluoridated with HydroFluoroSilicic Acid (HFSA), an industrial waste product from fertilizer production.  It contains trace amounts of a number of contaminants including lead, arsenic and/or mercury.  These contaminants, in addition to Fluoride are ingested and absorbed from our drinking water.

Fluoride is readily available, in pharmaceutical grades, from the dentist or in low-cost toothpaste and mouthwash.  In these cases, very little Fluoride is ingested and for those that seek benefits in Fluoride for their teeth, these are all choices.  Currently, artificial fluoridation with HFSA in our water is forced upon us – we have no choice.  Although we can’t remove it from our drinking and bathing water, it can be turned off at the source…at a savings to the city.

It is against all principles of our society to force something upon someone who doesn’t want it.  If you have the smallest doubt about the hazards of water fluoridation, then it would be prudent to remove it.

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