Moving Forward

I’d like to start with a sincere Thank-You! to everyone that supported me in my bid to become Waterloo Council’s representative for Ward 4.  The campaign was a very positive experience for me and meeting with the residents was particularly enlightening and engaging.  I plan to use all of this “civic energy” that I’ve gathered throughout the past few weeks to move forward with my volunteering efforts and quite likely in participation on one or more of the city boards or committees that are currently recruiting for members.

Down the road, perhaps we can build some momentum towards establishing some new Neighbourhood Associations in our ward.  These associations are a critical element in the advancement of community pride and safety.  If there is anyone in the ward that is interested in helping out with the implementation of a neighbourhood association in Ward 4, please contact me.

Finally, I would like to extend my congratulations to Diane Freeman on her successful campaign.  Clearly the citizens of Waterloo were happy with the performance of the last council and I’m sure we will all benefit from the experience that they’ve gained from their last 4 years.  Let’s all give them our support and the feedback that they need to make Waterloo great!

Best Regards,   …Blaine

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